Alestair Irvallo

Lycanthrope hunter


The Irvallo family has long run in the forefront of the inquisitions of the Silver Flame. Their members are charged with rooting out and destroying evil. Over all of the evils the Irvallo despise, lycanthropy and the weretouched disturb them most deeply.

Valtar Irvallo once bore a great silver and crimson greatsword to purge the unclean were-creatures of the world. He was killed shortly before his fifty-fourth birthday by a pack of were-rats he had tracked down. Alestair strode forth into the creatures’ lair, slew them all, and took up his father’s sword, Brightburn. He now follows in the footsteps of his father, declaring war on the shape-changing races of Khorvaire.

Alestair is perhaps worse than his father before him, in that he shows no mercy whatsoever to the subjects of his hunts. In the past ten years, he has ranged far and wide seeking out stories of lycanthropes and other shape-shifters, and pitilessly slays all he encounters. In his eyes, there is no room for any born of or infected by lycanthropy in this world. Despite the current acceptance of the shifter race by most civilized people, Alestair has nothing but hatred for them and all of their kind, and believes they must all die as well.

Alestair was murdered by the chaos cult of Woodhaven.


Alestair Irvallo

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