Bounty Hunter


Current Whereabouts: Anderwulf has been called away to Sharn, to deal with problematic elements within the Monster Hunter’s Guild he built and established. Namely, several of its members have been implicated in the murder of a diplomat from Droam named Kalimeni. Their claim that she was “a right monstrous bitch wot tried ta turn us all inta stone” has not been seen in a positive light throughout the elite of the city, since Kalimeni was known to wear blinders in public to avoid meeting the gaze of others. The Guild left no survivors among the members of Kalimeni’s party to dispute Guild claims and there was only one witness to the event, who is being held by The Sharn Watch at an undisclosed location.

Armor Class 18 (plate) 20 (w/shield)
Hit Points 102
Speed 30 ft.

STR 17 (+3) DEX 12 (+1) CON 16 (+3) INT 13 (+1) WIS 14 (+2) CHA 16 (+3)

Saves Constitution +6, Wisdom +5, Charisma +6
Skills Athletics +6, Stealth +4 (w/disadvantage), Animal Handling +5, Perception +5, Survival +5
Tools Herbalism Kit, Smith’s Tools, Vehicles (land)
Senses passive Perception 15
Languages Common, Elvish, Goblin

Feat: War Caster. He has advantage on Constitution saving throws that he makes to maintain concentration on a spell when he takes damage. He can perform somatic components of spells even when he has weapons or a shield in one or both hands. When a hostile creature’s movement provokes an opportunity attack from him, he can use his reaction to cast a spell at the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack.

Feat: Resilient. Constitution

Feat: Tough. His hit point maximum is increases by an amount of twice your level. Whenever he gains a level thereafter, his hit point maximum is increased by 2.



Divine Sense. As an action he can sense the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of him that is not behind total cover.

Lay on Hands He has a pool of healing power equal to his paladin level x5. As an action he can use this to heal a creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in his pool.

Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting. When he rolls a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack he makes with a melee weapon he is wielding with two hands, he can reroll the die and must use the new roll.

Divine Smite. When he hits a creature with a melee weapon attack, he can expend one spell slot to deal radiant damage to the target, in addition to the weapons damage. The extra damage is 2d8 for a 1st-level spell slot, plus 1d8 for each spell slot higher than 1st, to a maximum of 5d8. This damage increases by 1d8 if the target is undead or a fiend.

Divine Health. The divine magic flowing through Anderwulf makes him immune to disease.

Extra Attack. He can attack twice, instead of once, whenever he takes that attack action on his turn.

Sacred Oath: Oath of Vengeance Spells. bane, hunter’s mark

Channel Divinity: Abjure Enemy. As an action, he can choose one creature within 60 feet that he can see, using his Channel Divinity, that creature must make a Wisdom saving throw, unless it is immune to being frightened. Fiends and undead have disadvantage on this saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is frightened for 1 minute or until it takes any damage. While frightened, the creatures speed is 0, and can’t benefit from any bonus to its speed. On a successful save, the creatures speed is halved for 1 minute or until the creature takes any damage.

Channel Divinity: Vow of Enmity. As a bonus action, he can choose a creature within 10 feet of him, using his Channel Divinity. He gains advantage on attack rolls against the creature for 1 minute or until it drops to 0 hit points or falls unconscious.

Known Paladin Spells. bless, command, cure wounds, purify food/drink, shield of faith



Otherworldly Patron: Undying Spells. false life, ray of sickness

Among the Dead. He knows spare the dying cantrip. Additionally, undead have difficulty harming him. If an undead targets him directly (excluding area spells) with an attack or a harmful spell, that creature must make a Wisdom saving throw against his spell DC. On a failed save, the creature must choose a new target or forfeit targeting someone instead of him, potentially wasting the attack or spell. On a successful save, the creature is immune to the effect for 24 hours. An undead is also immune to this effect for 24 hours if he target’s it with an attack or harmful spell.

Pact Boon: Pact of the Chain, He learns the find familiar spell and can cast it as a ritual. It does not count against known spells. When he casts the spell, he may choose a special form: imp, pseudodragon, quasit, or sprite. Additionally, when he takes the attack action, he can forgo on of his own attacks to allow his familiar to make one attack of its own with its reaction.

Eldritch Invocation: Agonizing Blast. When he cast’s eldritch blast, he adds his Charisma modifier to the damage it deals on a hit.

Eldritch Invocation: Devil’s Sight. He can see normally in darkness, both magical and non-magical, to a distance of 120 feet.

Known Warlock Cantrips. chill touch, eldrich blast, spare the dying

Known Warlock Spells. arms of hadar, hellish rebuke, mirror image, blindness/deafness, misty step, invisibility, darkness, silence



Icerazor. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: (2d6 + 3) slashing damage + (1d6) cold damage.

Longsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: (1d8 + 3) slashing damage.

Daggers. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: (1d4 + 3) Piercing damage.

Spellcasting. Anderwulf is a 5th level Paladin and 4th level Warlock spellcaster. His spellcasting ability is Charisma for both (spell save DC 14, +6 to hit with spell attacks). He can cast a spell as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag and he has the spell prepared.



Since Anderwulf comes from the ranks of the common folk, he fits in among them with ease. He can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among other commoners, unless he has shown himself to be a danger to them. They will shield him from the law or anyone else searching for him, though they will not risk their lives for him.

  • Defining Event: I vanquished a Witch that was terrorizing the countryside near New Cyre, and liberated her captives.
  • Oath: Vengeance
  • Pact: The Undying
  • Personality Trait: I judge people by their actions and let my actions define me.
  • Ideal: Evil should be extinguished at all costs, for the greater good.
  • Bond: My family and loved ones were all slain in the war and my only remaining bond is to a comrade, The Wizard, Advar.
  • Flaw: I have a dark secret that I fear will consume me.
  • Hometown: Eston, Cyre
  • Deity: None

Standing over 6 feet tall with armor of silver and black, the only defining characteristic of which, is a blue dragon symbol on his left shoulder. This only adds to his battle hardened demeanor, when attention is drawn to the massive greatsword he carries. Once a handsome man, he is now scarred from head to toe, accentuated by an large X across his face..



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