Nveryll the Gifted

Long-passed scholar


A sage from an older time, Nveryll’s writings date back to one hundred and fifty years before King Jarot’s passing, and the beginnings of the Last War. Little is known about the hermit beyond a collection of his writings that were eventually gathered for study at Arcanix.

One thing that was noted as remarkable about Nveryll was the friendship that he struck up with Tuarveithan Copperscale, a dragon of reputation among the scholars of the Five Kingdoms as a cryptic trickster and friend to many of the scholarly gnomes of Zilargo. Some modern-day scholars are of the opinion that Nveryll was little more than a scribe for the dragon’s musings, rather than a great diviner.

No depictions of Nveryll survive to this day, and it is said that his small monastery located in The Starpeaks was destroyed during the Last War.


Nveryll the Gifted

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