Tars ir'Makker

Lord of Woodhelm


Tars is the father of Content Not Found: itlana-ir-makker, and the Lord of Woodhelm. His land has recently been haunted by werewolves. The party hunted down and destroyed these werewolves with the aid of Alestair Irvallo, who was subsequently murdered at the inn of Woodhaven.

Tars wears the electrum rings of the Aurum, and has given Itlana her mother’s silver rings and asked her to take a place at his side in procuring power for Woodhelm and himself. It has also been revealed that a chaos cult operates within Woodhelm, and that they were responsible for Alestair Irvallo’s murder.

With Advar and Anderwulf’s interment into the dungeons of Woodhelm, it was discovered that Tars ir’Makker was held prisoner and another creature (perhaps a changeling or doppleganger) had taken his form and was leading Woodhelm at the behest of Delfina ir’Daran and a chaos cult. The Lord of Woodhelm has been freed.


Tars ir'Makker

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