Theoban ir'Eschus

Karrnathi war criminal


Theoban’s name was one that lived in infamy in post-War Khorvaire. Feared even by his own superiors, this black knight’s battles met with continuous victories during the last decade of the Last War. However, his methods were unconscionable despite the results they garnered, and the knight found himself an outcast even in his own homeland as word of his terrible deeds spread.

Wanted posters of his intimidating black armor are posted in nearly every land of Khorvaire. However, there are none who can say with certainty they have ever seen the man without his armor on. Reports of his appearance are conflicting, and as his own family was killed in the battles of the Last War, none of these reports have been confirmed.

He was killed by the party in Woodhelm.


Theoban ir'Eschus

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