Grimoire of Kythar Logan


This heavy hide-bound grimoire describes the life and adventures of the War-Wizard Kythar Logan, famous across Breland for his prowess with evocation magic and his membership in The Esoteric Order of Aureon, as written by his own hand.

Some of the recent journal entries describe the movements of the Esoteric Order to combat a growing threat in the form of gateways from other realms leading to Khorvaire. Kythar Logan details in his notes that these gateways are becoming a concern due to their increased frequency of formation, as if some sort of invasion has begun. Drawings detail creatures of a horrifying nature dwelling below the earth that Kythar claims to have defeated with his companions.

The journal entries’ last date is Mol 16, Olarune 998 YK, when Kythar writes that he and his companions were heading out to explore a recently-appeared feyspire.

Between the journal entries, along the page margins, and in no particular order throughout the grimoire, Kythar has penned the spells he has discovered in his travels. These include the following:

Level 1: burning hands, chromatic orb, detect magic, feather fall, identify, mage armor, magic missile, shield, thunderwave, witchbolt
Level 2: blindness/deafness, blur, cloud of daggers, darkvision, hold person, magic weapon, melf’s acid arrow, mirror image, ray of enfeeblement
Level 3: counterspell, dispel magic, haste, lightning bolt, slow, stinking cloud
Level 4: dimension door, evard’s black tentacles, stoneskin, wall of fire
Level 5: cone of cold, conjure elemental, legend lore

There is also some indecipherable scribbling within the margins at random patterns.



Grimoire of Kythar Logan

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