The following new items of equipment are available for purchase.

Mundane Items
Item Weight Cost
Arcane Signet Ring - 150 gp
Identification Papers - 5 gp
Inquisitive's Kit 4 lb. 40 gp
Letter of Marque - 500 gp
Spellshard 1/2 lb. 100 gp
Travel Papers - 2 sp

Arcane Signet Ring: These golden or silver rings are created for members of the dragonmarked houses as a means of identification. Each ring contains intricate patterns that become visible only when worn by the person for whom it was constructed.

Identification Papers: Members of the middle and upper classes in the Five Nations carry identification papers issued by their governments and notarized by House Sivis. Each set contains a description of the holder, a portrait, and other details.

Inquisitive’s Kit: This gear includes several containers made from different materials, brushes, mundane dusts, tweezers, picks, probes, a magnifying glass, ink and quills, parchment, and a small journal. An inquisitive’s kit grants advantage to Wisdom (Investigation) checks to search an area for something specific.

Letter of Marque: The King of Breland issues Letters of Marque to groups exploring Xen’drik’s ruins. Travelers may visit and explore the continent freely, but those who sell Xen’drik’s treasures without the proper documentation face fines, incarceration, and forfeiture if caught.

Spellshard: Spellshards are fragments of crystal that contain power and knowledge, usually of an arcane nature. If your class would normally store its arcane powers in a spellbook, you can instead store your powers in a spellshard if you possess one. All the enchantments and features available through a tome are also available through a spellshard. Members of any class can use a spellshard in place of a scroll.

Travel Papers: Crossing national boundaries is risky without a set of notarized travel papers. Like identification papers, they include personal details about the traveler—place of residence, occupation, and destination.



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