New Cyre


Refugee Town; Population 4,000


After the Mourning. King Boranel of Breland welcomed refugees from Cyre. permitting them to set up encampments within Breland’s borders. Most settlements were squalid and confused. Sickness ran rampant, worsening the people’s suffering. As the number of refugees grew, it was clear that the camps would not suffice

Boranel granted the Cyran ambassador, Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn, permission to found a town for his people. By king’s edict, the residents would be subject to Cyran authority and live as they saw fit. The Cyrans appreciated the gesture and named the town New Cyre, but most remain aware that they were granted territory no one else wanted. Many of them resent the fact that they’re trapped inside their former enemy’s lands, with nowhere else to go.



New Cyre

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